[Expired] Review and Giveaway: Masterlock

Affiliate Disclosure

I received a “Speed Dial” Masterlock to review, and have one to give away to a reader as well!

Here is my review:

The speed dial on the Masterlock is meant to be a simpler way to remember your combination, while still allowing security and privacy.  You can set your own password or combination on this lock- and can make the combination as long or short as you prefer.

It also features one-hand operation- super for those times you are holding lots of other things.  It also features “No-look” operation.  When you pick your unique combination, you will use one hand to slide the combination in one of four directions.  Once you have it memorized, you will be able to quickly do your combination without looking at all.

Now, the lock I received for review and giveaway is the white lock with the Pink “Search for the Cure” breast cancer ribbon on it- making it a girl- colored lock.

This lock performs well, and the one-handed operation is a big help when approaching a locker with an armload of books (or children, or gym gear!).  The one problem that we had with the lock was that the size of the lock was short and it would not actually close around the gym locker baskets where my husband was trying to use it (his was gender neutral!).

If you would like a chance to win the lock, please enter below.



  1. Sarah Veal

    Would love to win a cool lock. Is this the way to enter!

  2. Nancy Michel

    The lock sounds like it has some new features on it, making it to use much easier to use. I could definitely could put it to good use.

  3. Holly

    Could use a lock for our gate.

  4. Tina Feliciano

    I’d love a new lock for my husbands tool box!

  5. wendy thompson

    I need a new lock on an outdoor freezer! 🙂

  6. Jennifer McFadden

    I could really use a lock for our cargo trailer door.

  7. DavetteB

    I would like one for my file drawer

  8. Christine Hallet

    I don’t need one very often, usually when we go to a skating rink or other similar location where lockers are available. I just never think to get a lock until I’m staring at a locker and have no lock.

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