High-Tech Teens? Here’s a Good Idea

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From 2012-02-22

We were driving home last night and Sarah (13) wanted permission to go to a friend’s house.  I told her she could go the next day as soon as her chores were complete.

“Which chores do you want complete, mother?”

I quickly rattled off: “Your bedroom, the laundry, the kitchen, and I want all your current school work on the dining room table for me to grade.”

I heard her repeat to herself: “Laundry, Kitchen, School work on table, bedroom.”

Now that was odd.  What was she doing back there?

Then, I heard it again.

Before I had a chance to ask her what on earth was she doing,  Anne piped up: “MOM!  She’s recording it on her iPod!”

Clever girl!  Then, she could replay it to remind her of all her tasks.  I was proud of her for using her iPod for such a great idea.

Should I mention I have had an iPod a year longer than she has, and never even knew it could do this?

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