Book Review: Beyond Beautiful Girlhood

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Beyond Beautiful Girlhood Plus Companion Guide is a beautiful resource for mothers and daughters to use who are between the ages of 13 and 20 years.This book, intended to be a seven week study covers seven areas of a young woman’s life:The Girl of Thirteen, A Daughter at Home, The Girl and her Friends, Her Innocent Pleasures, Her Books, Higher Education, and Her Occupation.Each chapter has a section for mothers called:Mother to Mother.This special section sets the stage and gives the mother a glimpse of what they can hope to accomplish in a chapter.Next, there are journaling questions.Together, the mother and daughter choose several questions and record their answers in a journal.Bible study is an integral part in each chapter, and projects are offered to enhance the experience so that mother and daughter can participate in fun activities together.Finally, each chapter contains a list of resources from which you can gain more information about a particular subject.

I have to admit that I am not a particularly sentimental person, but this book is rightly bringing me continuous reminders that my time with my precious 13-year-old is a fleeting time, with the years full of wonders and joys ahead of her.

“She now stands where the little limpid brook, with it’s narrow, slivery thread and flower bordered banks, meets the brimming full-bosomed river and it is impossible not to love her, not to be wistful for her, not to pray for her, if one has in her own heart the memory of the sweet days she lived when she herself was thirteen and a daughter of some happy home.”

What a perfect illustration of a young lady on the cusp of adulthood, and how accurately it details this mother’s heart.I am so thankful for this book, written by a godly minded woman with a heart full of good intentions towards her daughter.How refreshing to not get more of the same ‘teenagers are a pain” drivel so easily found in today’s parenting books.

I highly recommend this book to mothers facing the delights and challenges of mothering a teen through adulthood.

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