Quilting With Family

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Do you miss those old fashioned quilts our grandmother would make for us? Do you remember how snug and cozy it was under them at night or have you always wanted one at home? How about making one yourself for your children perhaps? Or maybe even make quilting a pastime with your children?

Joyous Home is the publisher of the Seasons at Home magazine. Seasons at home is a full-colored, print publication, that was created in order to encourage families and better prepare them through the passing on of life skills that are needed in the home.

Aside from conferences that teach how to make the most out of homemaking, there are also memberships to quilting classes both for ladies and the girls, you may want to take advantage of. These classes definitely teach quilting in a fun and enjoyable way, you may not want to stop! They have tips on sewing and smocking, and silk embroidery; you will never run out of things to do on this site. It would definitely be great to make these skills part of your homeschooling activity, it keeps the children busy and you definitely won’t run out of homemade embroidery and quilts.

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