Review: The Mighty Works of God History Curriculum

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I recently had the pleasure of reviewing The Mighty Works of God history curriculum by Ruth J. Smith.  Imagine my delight when I opened the package and found beautiful books, one for each of my school-aged children and a beautiful teacher’s guide.

The Mighty Works of God History curriculum was an absolute joy for my children to read. The exact words of  Sarah  (13) were, “It’s actually exciting. I wish I had more to read.” Anne Mary (10, ) is enjoying it as well and has been having a great time reading David’s (6)  book to him.  She noticed that the topics covered were the same in her book and in David’s book, but the lessons were simplified for him so he could understand.


I also love this curriculum, it has fabulous illustrations and is historically accurate. It is very important to me that our family’s history curriculum be based on the Biblical world view, and these books were not a disappointment. They are also perfectly sized  to take in the car or to bring to doctor’s appointments and other errands.

I am so thankful these were sent to me to review.  These were such a delight for the children to read, it was one of those “textbooks” that make me thankful to be a home educator and have the blessing of choosing and using such delightful books.

The teacher’s guide has several additional resources to help expand or futher explain the lessons.  It includes review questions and questions for reflection and reasoning.  It also has questions for cultivating student mastery. This resource was able to be easily adapted by me to lead discussions with the children regarding the text.  There is also a teacher’s disk which has handouts you can print to go along with the text.  I know you will enjoy this curriculum as much as I do!

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