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Last year I was seeking a unique Valentine’s Day gift for my children.  I was trying to steer away from the typical candy and plastic toys.  In desperation I emailed Martha (Marmee Dear and Company)  and asked her to make some custom designed aprons for my girls.  She made two different aprons, but they compliment one another beautifully.  These would  make a great gift for the young cooks in your life! Find them at her store here.

We also bought this apron for our son David from William Sonoma. There are similar ones that can be personalized on Amazon here. They are not exactly the same, but maybe the next apron we get we will have his name put on it. It would be around the same price and so adorable!

In our house, everyone loves to be the kitchen assistant so these were a big hit!  No one even asked about the missing candy and plastic toys!

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