Freezer Cooking Exchange Time!

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For those wondering, here is how I set up a freezer cooking exchange for friends:

Time for a freezer cooking exchange!


Time:  4:00

Place:  Include your full address including zipcode and phone number. 

To sign up:  EMAIL ME: XXX- and include what meal you are bringing.

Here are the Q’s and A’s of the event so far.

How BIG should my meal be?

Meals should be planned for five servings.  Smaller families will have leftovers, larger families will need to supplement with side dishes, bread etc.  If you make a meal that is naturally smaller than this (such as a pot pie that is more like 4 servings, then consider adding an accompanying side dish or dessert that can also be frozen.

What kind of container do I use?

Please purchase a cheap aluminum pan if you need a pan for your dish.  If you do not need a pan for it (soups, some casseroles, chicken in marinades) then put it in a Ziploc baggy.  Please use the kind intended for the freezer.  Before you freeze the baggy, squish the contents flat.  When they get thawed they can be put into the appropriate type of pan.

Label your meal, and email me a copy of the recipe and any instructions that you have for it.  Make the instructions so simple that anyone can prepare it quickly.  If you do not email these to me at least one week in advance, please bring 10 copies the day of the exchange.

If it requires additional toppings added upon serving, please provide that unless it is something that must be fresh (like lettuce).

Please make your meals as healthy as possible and use good quality ingredients.

I will not make price limits (upper or lower) because everyone has their own ideas about how to save money on cooking (by using ingredients on hand, or buying in bulk or surplus) but do try to provide a good dish you think others will enjoy and that you personally like.  This is not the time to dump out the yucky freezer meals you made last summer that your family hates.  🙂

I love this method of getting a healthy meal on the table quickly and hope others can learn from this too.


  1. km

    This looks so fun. Wish I didn’t life in another state. I’m thinking I might have to start one of these at my house.

  2. Karen

    I couldn’t find a separate link for the Mexi-Chicken recipe that appeared in TOS, so I thought I’d post my comments here. It’s not going to make it to the freezer. We enjoyed it as is last night; tonight I converted into soup by adding ranch-style beans and potatoes (which I cooked first). It’ll last the rest of the week. I’m thinking it might make a good base for my soft taco bake, too.

  3. Malia

    We love that recipe too! We sometimes add it to the top of a taco salad, put it in tortilla wraps, or mix it together with our beans and rice recipe to make it a little different. I am so glad you enjoyed it too!

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