From Chaos to Order: Bringing Organization to Your Home (Part 4)

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The following is from my book, From Chaos to Order which can be read for free in this series, or purchased in book form, audio CD, or downloadable mp3 form from our online store.

Chaos To Order Book

Ok, now we have Chaos-distractions-decisions and Divide Using Delegation.

We have made a ton of improvements, but we are still not at order yet are we?

We need to add a couple of things back in:  The first thing we are going to add in are:  Goals.

Prayerfully consider what is God’s BEST Goals for you and your family.

    1. Activities (Ask:  Is this really what God intends for this child/me? How do I know?  Does my husband/wife agree?  What does God’s word say about this activity?)
    2. Curriculum (Ask:  Is this curriculum functional, user friendly/able to be used again by my other students, Godly?)
    3. Service (Is this the best use of our family’s time for service?  Who am I serving?  Am I bringing others our/my family closer to Jesus through this activity?)
    4. Character Development (What is God’s standard for our lives?  Where does each member fall short?  Pick a couple of priorities and let the rest go until you have time to work on these few areas.)
    5. Interests (Will this interest last?  Is it worth pursuing?  How has God uniquely created this child/me to desire this activity?)

    To hear this workshop in it’s entirety, you can purchase an MP3 of this workshop in our store.

    Also, our book, Chaos to Order, 25 Tools Bringing Organization to Your Home may be a benefit to you.

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