Marketing Basics for Christian Entrepreneurs

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I must admit I took a marketing course.  Once.  In college.  16 years ago.  Seriously.  I thought it was a fun class.  Not too many numbers, so I was not cringing in the corner like I did in Business Stats.  But I was much happier as a tax girl, hence my business career landed me directly into Tax Consulting for a major accounting firm.  Marketing was always something the “Marketing People” handled, but I quickly learned that there was a lot more marketing happening in the board room and in the client meetings than I originally thought.  I always hated the old fashioned-straight up marketing, and thoughts of snake-oil salesman and used cars floated through my mind.

Well, now, if you are a usual reader, you know I am at home full time these days, and I really do not think too much about marketing.  I  send out my newsletters on a regular basis, I offer sales occasionally, I write articles, I twitter, I facebook.  But none of that is really marketing, is it?  Well, I just finished reading a great little report by my friend, By Laurie Neumann (Christian Home Business Connection) written JUST for Christian Entrepreneurs.  She shares how God creates us uniquely with different gifts, talents, and styles that make becoming a marketer merely an extension of the person the Lord has created you to be.    This little 24 page report helped me understand how to use my natural giftings in my marketing, so that it is not awkward, unpleasant or uncomfortable.

I wish I had found this little report a few years ago when the dream of Homemaking 911 was still stting in my desk drawer.  You see, I knew I had a message to share.  I was just afraid to tell people about it.  I did not know how to share my materials with folks without feeling like I was trying to force them to buy something.  I really do not like a hard sale.

If you are a new entrepreneur and you are just a little shy about marketing, this report will be a great springboard and help you get past your own insecurities about selling your goods. She shares ideas for several personality types .and I know she can help you with yours

If you would like to see the report or read some other great information about Christian Home Based Businesses, hop over to my friend, Laurie’s site:

Happy Homemaking!

Malia Russell

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