A Touched Twice Birthday Party

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My husband and I learned about an upcoming touched Twice Clinic (more coming in a future post) taking place in Harlan, KY- about 4 hours from us via car.  For quick basics- it is a mission oriented trip where the guests who come to be served come to have their physical needs met by a team of doctors, nurses, photographers, hair dressers, food preparers, etc who are all Christian who come to serve in the name of Jesus.  This is a very short description, and I will share more later.  But this post is about my daughter’s Birthday Party.

Instead of having her friends over to shower her with gifts, She asked that each girl bring toiletry items and bags to give as gifts to some of the teen girls who came through the clinic.

Additionally, we would be styling hair, putting on mail polish, etc for fun.  We also took before and after pics of each girl.  However, half the pictures were taken on my daughter’s professional camera and she has it at work with her, so I cannot access those pics.  But these should give you some ideas of how the party went.

From Sarah’s Touched Twice Birthday Party

One girl’s dad is a firefighter, so they arrived via Fire Truck. This caused much excitement.

From Sarah’s Touched Twice Birthday Party

The Birthday Girl’s “Before” picture

From Sarah’s Touched Twice Birthday Party

Anne Mary with two friends sitting on either side.

From Sarah’s Touched Twice Birthday Party

Filling the bags…

From Sarah’s Touched Twice Birthday Party
From Sarah’s Touched Twice Birthday Party

Now…..here is where our bags ended up….in a room with hundreds of other bags like them. Now, just waiting for clients.

From Touched Twice Clinis

Last year, you may recall that Anne Mary had an “Operation Christmas Child” Birthday party where we did a similar thing, but made shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child Instead. My girls love to have birthday parties (cake, balloons, presents, being the center of attention for a day)- who doesn’t? But our family certainly is not in need of anything compared to those we can serve. By asking for contributions to charity and building a birthday party around it, the girls get to have all the fun and none of the wastefulness. To find out more about “Touched Twice” you can see our future blogpost telling about the clinic and their website: http://www.touchedtwice.org/ Happy Homemaking! Malia Russell

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