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Hey friends:  My big brother, Norman, out on Colorado had a Venison Party for his friends.  I was so impressed with his description, I asked him if I could share it with my readers.  Of course, he complied.  Now I am just worried he may start his OWN homemaking website!

I hope you enjoy reading about how he prepared his venison for the party:

First, I thawed out several steaks and three roasts for 24 hours in a 3% saltwater solution. Changed the water once at 12 hours. I then I marinated all the meat in milk for 12 hours.

I used two of the roasts to make Venison Stew with carrots and celery to be served over rice. I made the stew in my new slow cooker and cooked it for 9 hours before serving. I used 10 fresh garlic cloves (pressed and minced) Salt and Pepper. I left flour, potatoes and mushrooms out of the recipe in case I had leftovers that I would want to freeze. (1 small bowl now out of 6 quarts) One of my guests brought freshly cooked chili peppers ( a very good, big thing here in CO) which went very well with the stew and the steaks.

I continued to marinade the steaks in a red wine, garlic and Fines Herbs for another 8 hours, then, I grilled the steaks on medium heat on the gas grill with hickory chips.

Everything cooked was consumed except for the small bowl of stew and I didn’t cook a few of the steaks and one of the roasts because I got word of some cancellations.

Another guest brought home made pies, a Blueberry, a Cherry and a Pineapple Meringue pie. Yet another guest brought ice cream, so al a mode was available.

We only opened two bottles of red wine and it went well with the venison. People all said it was excellent food and a good time was had.

In retrospect, there was a fair amount of blood leached, but nothing truly substantial, so the marinade times may have been overkill.

Thanks to Norman for permission to post this!

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