Swap and Save This Year for Christmas

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Looking for ways to keep Christmas affordable? Consider the idea of having a “Swap” party.

Most women have heard of cookie swaps, but did you know you can have other “swap: parties as well? Here are some great “swap” ideas that we have used in years past:

• Host a Toy Exchange with your friends. A lot of people have toys that are in excellent condition that they children either do not use or have outgrown. Plan a toy exchange where everyone brings toys they want to swap. Everyone spreads their toys around the room (we group my ages) and then everyone “shops” and takes what their family would like. If there are leftover toys in good condition, the host can box them up and take them to a charity.

• Host a clothing exchange or book exchange with friends.

• Plan a cookie exchange. You can use the cookie items from your pantry to make several of one variety of cookies. Your friends can do the same, then everyone gets together to “swap.” You all leave with a nice assortment of cookies to share as gifts.

• Learn about Freecycle, Cheapcycle and Craigs List. Use these to get free or very low cost gifts for your family.

• Swap babysitting days with friends to get your Christmas chores done in less time. On the day you keep hers, help her child make and wrap a craft they can give as a gift to their family.

With a little bit of creativity, you can have a wonderful Christmas for a much lower price tag.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Homemaking!

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