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I recently signed up for a account. If you love to share photos, but are leery of posting your pictures of your children all over the internet, this looks like a good, safe alternative for you.

Once you set up an account, it is private. Unless you have invited someone to view your pictures and updates, it is confidential.

I set the account up in a flash. As soon as I logged in, it asked for my children’s names and ages. Nice, big, easy to read buttons made it very “fool proof” to use. The website is not all cluttered up, so it was pretty self-explanatory and simple.

You can upload pictures, videos, and share anecdotes. One clever feature is a status box, similar to what you would see on Facebook or Twitter where you share the latest tidbit from your family. If you are not very creative, you can use their prompts to share something. I liked that if you clicked on the right of that “prompt” you could choose a different prompt because some of them are really geared for mamas with little babies, and some are geared toward whole family questions or older children.

Another really fun feature, is you can share photos and such with friends. There is one tab just for your own children, then another tab where you can see your friends’ children. This feature would be great for big extended families with many children. But, they set it up nicely, so if you just want to dote on your little bundle of joy, you do not have to sift through all of your cousin’s kids too.

They also have the tech-savvy feature of offering the email – search add for permission. This will help if, like me, you tend to make typos and such….you can grab email addressed to invite right from your email client.

Overall, I give this service a thumbs up. It looks like a great alternative for folks who want to share photos, but want the security that keeping them private can bring.

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