Operation Christmas Child Birthday Party

Poor Anne Mary. her birthday was in September, the same time we had massive wind storms coming through Louisville, so we did not have a party for her with her friends. A couple of weeks ago, we came up with a good idea. This is the season for Operation Christmas Child. Anne does not want or need a lot of gifts (we gave her our family gifts on her actual birthday), so we have invited all her friends over for an “Operation Christmas Child” party. Instead of bringing gifts, they are bringing empty shoe boxes and stuff to fill them. We will be wrapping them here, and filling them up with the toys, school supplies and toiletries that all the girls are bringing. Right now, we have 13 RSVPs, and hope a few more will come who just forgot to call. That means that instead of adding to the incredible consumerism this time of year, we are inviting our friends to join us on this terrific cause instead.

As a surprise for all the girls, we have reindeer antlers to wear, and they will get to play games like: Pin the Ribbon on the present, and wrapping mania. We will have Christmas music (to keep with the theme). We will also be taking pictures of the girls to include in their boxes and have them write letters to their “child.” The party is tonight, so I better get going!

I hope to have a chance to post some pictures this weekend.

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One Response to “Operation Christmas Child Birthday Party”

  1. Amy Blevins says:

    Oh! I am glad you came back and added your link. My oldest daughter has a December birthday, and we are always at a loss about parties. This is a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Amy B

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