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For years my husband has urged me to get some clippers and cut his hair. For 15 years of marriage I resisted. Finally after paying for haircuts for SIX of us (after David was born), I decided I could try it to see if I could save some money. I had two girlfriends show me how to do it. One, Andee, showed me how to do Duncan’s hair. She went through it step-by-step. She made it look pretty easy. After doing it a few times, I have found it easy to do (except the sideburn area).

Once I became used to cutting Duncan’s, I decided to try David’s. The first time went really well. The second time I made a huge mistake. The weather outside was too bad to do it on the porch, so I took his clothes off (except his diaper) and put him in the tub. No water, just boy and diaper. I also thought this would be cool to video for my readers so you guys could see how easy it is to cut boys hair. Well, once the hair started sliding off his head and onto his body, it must have ticked or something because he started jerking all round, rubbing his face, getting hair in his eyes, on his tongue, and absolutely threw a fit. I still have this video somewhere. When I finish my post-traumatic stress syndrome counseling, I may share it. Or maybe I should wait until after his Oprah interview.

(ok, side note: there is not really an Oprah interview set up. Years ago whenever Christina would declare something was unfair, we would tell her that she could write it down for her Oprah interview as an adult….where she could go and tell everything wrong we had ever done. Somehow that is always in the back of my mind. Maybe one day, one the kids will be so famous that Oprah wants to interview them. Then I will regret saying that!).

So, no naked boys in the tub for hair cutting.

The next time went much better. Back to normal. But I had Duncan there for moral support.

Then, another friend of mine, Karla came over and instructed me on cutting girls hair. It is much harder, but has to be done much less often if your girls have long hair. Curly hair is pretty forgiving if you make a small mistake. Wavy hair is too. Straight hair is very challenging. I have one daughter with each hair type, and I continued taking Anne Mary (long, straight hair) for professional haircuts for awhile longer.

Now, I cut everyone’s hair except my own. The money we save is tremendous. If you have a friend who can cut hair, go ahead and ask her to teach you!

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  1. Heidi

    My husband also cuts our son’s hair (he’ll be 3 in April), and since we live in Thailand and it is always hot, we cut it outside. My son used to wear only a diaper and now just his birthday suit. But to avoid the itchies from the hair falling on him, we put a bath towel around his neck and secure with a hair clip so the hair doesn’t get on him at all, just on the towel. Also apply baby powder very liberally all over his head & neck to make sure everything can just be brushed away. And when the cut is complete, we remove the towel, have him go over to the garden hose and clean off anything that may be left!

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