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When I blogged about our Christmas theme we use for buying gifts:

Something to Read, Something to Wear, Something to Play, Something to Share, I had lots of folks write and ask about what I meant about “Something to Share.”

Well, we try to come up with one gift the entire family can share and enjoy. This may be a “classic” video, an “experience” gift, like zoo passes for the year or museum membership. But in our home, it is generally a board game. We have children ages 3-18, so we have amassed quite a number of board games over the years. Here are some that we have found the children (and we!) go back to over and over.

Now, I used to keep up with all the boxes to the games. I would tape the corners to reinforce them. Inside the box, all the tiny pieces would go into gallon sized Ziplock baggies. Then, we went to a vacation home in the Carolinas and discovered their game closet. All the boxes were gone. The boards were all stacked neatly together, and the pieces were stored in baggies that were labeled and included the instructions. This was so smart! The games took up so much less space and there were no battered boxes threatening to slide off the shelves. We decided to do that as well.


  1. Kahri

    How did they store the bags? Thanks!

  2. Malia

    In a plastic storage container.

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