Another Freezer Cooking Day

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This week, I did a freezer cooking session with two friends. In total we prepared 60 meals:

We made:

Lazy Day Lasagna

Baked Ziti

Sloppy Joe Meat

Taco Meat

Cheesy Chicken Bundles

Santa Fe Chicken Chili

Teriyaki Chicken Glaze (marinaded chicken ready for the grill)

In total it took us less than 4 hours. It always adds time when you add another cook in the mix. One would think that adding another cook would not take more time, but it does. There is only a limited amount of working space, and when you add in another cook, everything is slowed down a bit as there are more cross conversations and such. It was a fun day. It was Christine’s first freezer cooking session. She did great! Kathy and I have cooked together many times, so it was nice to have someone new in the mix. As a bonus, Christine’s daughter and Anne Mary met one another and now each have a new friend. Kathy’s son, Noah and the girls joined us in the cooking and preparation. Without their help, we probably would have added another hour to our day. They helped with packaging, washing, and chopping.

We did have to stop in the middle for a simple lunch. We had sandwiches, cucumbers and tomatoes. On your freezer cooking days, be sure to have a quick lunch on hand in case your day runs a little long. Cooking on an empty stomach can make you feel really ill. By having a quick and simple lunch ready your day will be more pleasant.

Also, be sure to start with your most complicated or time intensve meals first. You can put together the easy ones when you are tired.

Need a sample menu plan?
Sample Menu Plan

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