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What are some of your favorite time saving tips?


  1. Cyndi

    Favorite sanity saving tip? Easy! We have 3 clothes hampers (no lids) in the laundry room. Each child (even the 2 year old) is taught to put their clothes in the correct basket. Jeans & towels, whites, darks. All I have to do is go in, start the washer, add the already sorted clothes and be off to my morning tea.
    Time saving. Have the toothpaste in hand, have the children line up with toothbrushes in their hands. Brush their teeth, then they can go rinse and spit while you do the next set of teeth. It was my old habit to brush teeth, do a chore for a few minutes until the next child was ready. I was running back and forth to the bathroom all the time!

  2. TheRoosterChick

    I’m a big fan of sorting, seasoning, and re-packaging my meats before freezing them. Saves me loads of time down the road.

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