Making the Most of Your Calendar

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And God said, “Let there be light in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years… Genesis 1:14 

If you do not have a calendar you absolutely love and utilize to its fullest potential, today is the day to change that.

Quick Fix:

  • Using the guidelines below choose ONE calendar for your family and update it with all the things you currently have on scraps of paper and on varying calendars throughout your home.


You may have a very simple calendar that you can print for free on your computer and update by hand, or you may use an expensive handheld computer.  It does not make a difference which type you buy, so long as you use it, and use it well. 


The following are guidelines when choosing and using your calendar.


  • Have only ONE calendar that you use. 
  • Your calendar should be portable.  Take it with you when you go to meetings, when you go to church and want to note upcoming events, to the Doctor for scheduling follow-ups and adding in contact info.
  • Train your children how to use the calendar.  For example:  My children are not allowed to move or write in my calendar unless given specific permission.  All entries into the calendar (Except Birthdays and Anniversaries) are to be made in Pencil.
  • You can color code items if it helps (One kid’s activities in blue pencil, one in red, or sporting events in yellow and church events in green), but I have not found this helpful or necessary.  It adds to my workload keeping up with all the pencils and colors.  Cute, but a time waster.  Some families love the colors, so make your own decision, but know you may change at any time if the colors get difficult to maintain.  I did go through and highlight birthdays in bright colors to make them stand out.
  • Teach the kids to look ahead at the calendar to decide what needs to be done ahead.  (“Christina, check and see what is coming up this week so I can plan ahead for snacks and meals.”)  Use this as a training time to help them learn to look ahead and plan. 
  • Designate a spot/folder/drawer where everyone is to put any items related to the calendar.  You may go through it weekly to add in any new entries and throw away the papers at that time. 


Spend your time today choosing and purchasing the calendar of your choice.  Then, set it up.  Put in all events you already know about in pencil.  Put birthdays and anniversaries in ink.  Gather up all your contacts that you need regularly and update the contacts section of your notebook.  If you do not have a regular folder where you store rosters and team info and all the other addresses and phone numbers you need, start one today. 

 My favorite resources:

Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer 1-800-313-0653. Very reasonably priced and user friendly.  My favorite!. This is also marketed as Meijer’s Family Organizer at Meijer grocery stores.

Familytime.mine – Reasonable price, user friendly, a little large for my purposes…notebook sized, but many moms love this one

Franklin Covey – expensive, but loved by those who use them. Comes in a variety of sizes.

Electronic Calendars

Outlook Today – Microsoft Outlook

Dell Axim X50 (This is the one I use, but it is off the market, but you may be able to find one refurbished) 

Palm Pilot

Don Aslett  How to Have a 48-Hour Day

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