My Little Man Makes Manwich

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Here are some pictures of David Making Manwich. He was so proud to make dinner for the family! Yes, we really believe in delegation. David was two years old when we took these pictures in January 2008.


  1. Fatcatpaulanne


    I really need to get my boys cooking more.

  2. Teri

    Too cute! And so inspiring! Most of us (including me) wait much too long to start teaching our children how to run a household.

  3. Eyvonne

    Absolutely precious!! My favorite part was when he cleaned up the dribbles! Invaluable lesson!

  4. Pam

    That is so sweet. It’s never to young to learn to cook!

  5. Linda Botkin

    This is so cute! My children love to cook as well. Each child has their own night to cook or to help me cook. My eleven year old is trying his hand at cooking alone! This is a fun exercise in patience for me, but he is building his skills. He can turn out some delicious meals!

  6. Amy Blevins

    WoW! What a cute little helper. I love Linda’s idea of having each child help on a different night of the week. Thanks for inspiring me.

    Amy B

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