David’s Routine – Age 2

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We just updated our schedules because we eliminated David’s naps, and we had to account for all that time.

David’s Routine (Age 2- no naps, up at 6:00 a.m.)
With Mom
With Christina – Grooming, learning independent skills
Movie or Room Time
With Sarah – Large motor skills games
With Anne Mary-small motor skills/table games
Preschool with Mom -letters, colors, numbers, books, songs, rhymes
Bible with Mom
Rug Time – one toy or activity box
With Mom
Video or Room Time – one toy or activity box
Training Time with Mom – Obeying, basic skills, etc.
Hands on Projects – with sisters: Cooking, Art, music, etc
Snack Time
QT with mom – in bedroom playing quietly while mommy reads her Bible
Helping with Afternoon Routine/Rug Time
With Sarah: Computer or Play Time – One activity box
With Anne Mary: Computer or Play Time – Outside or one activity box
Daddy Time

Bedtime at 9:00 pm

Yes, you read that right: Our two year old only sleeps a total of nine hours a day.  Frankly, he is usually up earlier than six, but I send him back to bed or make him cuddle with me until at least 6:00 am unless I am already up early working, then I will let him get up with me.  The rest of my children sleep more, especially that young.

Now, I realize that is pretty structured.  I do fluctuate how I am scheduling our days.  Right now, I am going for more structure because I have several projects going and need to make sure I am not neglecting the important duties of motherhood, wife, and home educator and being stricter helps me do that.  When life is pretty relaxed, this tight of a schedule would be too much.  What are your favorite scheduling tips?  What does a typical day at your house look like?


  1. kimberly

    This was very helpfull, I have 7 children still at home , two 19and 18 starting col. this fall . four ages 17,16,14, and 13 still being home schooled ,and my oldest 21 her husban is going to Iraq. My daughter has a 2yr old son , and is expexting in october , I was really at a loss as what to do with our grandson ! ( I have homeschooled for 12 yrs can’t belive I have forgotten what to do with a toddler. )

    We are just a personal learning age with the older children I really had not thought about my daugher have a tight sch. for her son.

    Thank you again
    For the
    Lyons Family

  2. Malia

    I know exactly what you mean. When David entered the toddler years, I called my friends to ask them what they did with their toddlers all day because they homeschool as well. It seems like I go through that again each year as the children hit new milestones. Hopefully your two year old sleeps more than David and you will have much of the day taken up that way. Also, with more children, they can each spend 30 minutes with the two year old and your day will be nearly over by then! Enjoy that grandchild! I am looking forward to being the grandma sometime in the next several years. I know I will ruin them. 🙂

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