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“Let your rules be consistent and your consequences simple.  If you have to write down your consequences in order to remember them, they are too complicated.  If they last for days on end, and no one can remember what exactly the consequences are, or why you are having them in the first place, they are too complicated.  If you are screaming and yelling, you are not being consistent, except consistently out of control.  Have consistent rules based on God’s word, and simple consequences.  Where your children fall short, train proactively in fun and creative ways, during times of non-conflict, to make it easier for them to obey and behave at the level of maturity you desire.”

– From Q & A session after Chaos to Order, Bringing Organization to Your Home

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  1. Teri

    You are so wise & so right. I wish I had that wisdom at your age (or even now after so many children). I have seen it in action with your children.

    I did not see a place to leave a comment following the reader question about 12 yo, but I know a family (mine) who needs to do just that.

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