Serving the Church Can Be a Family Affair

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Finding ways to give your time as a family can be a real blessing.  It allows you to give freely of your time without dividing your family and encourages good stewardship in your children. 


Some of these things can be as simple as baking bread or making a meal.  Find out if your parish does meals for shut-ins, has a new mother ministry, or a welcoming committee.  Then, with your entire family, lovingly prepare a meal or baked good and deliver it together.  Children can make cards or pick flowers to add a special touch.


Another way to serve as a family is to see what yard work needs to be done around your church.  All children love to help with yard work, and their enthusiasm will make up for the extra time it takes to keep them involved.  


You can also train your children to help in clean-up activities after a church event.  They can wipe tables, sweep, gather trash and tidy pews with just a little training. Look for activities that mimic those things they can already do around your own house. 


Finally, pray together for opportunities to serve the church as a family, and be open to what may be asked of your family.  Talk to your children about your responsibility to be good stewards of your time and talents, and teach them to be ready to serve by your example.

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