Pretty and Easy Hairstyle for Girls with Long Hair

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I love having three girls with all kinds of hair.  It is fun to try to find styles that work well for them.  Here is a style that we have used with two daughters:  Sarah (medium length, slighly wavy) and Christina (very long, very curly).

Sarah wanted a special hairstyle for her Keepers of the Home Christmas Tea Party. He searched the internet and could not find any cute styles, then Christina reminded us of a hairstyle she had used once, so we decided to try it on Sarah. Since it turned out quite lovely, we decided to photgraph step by step in case there are other moms out there at a loss for a beautiful, easy hairstyle for their daughter.

We started with clean, damp hair and brushed it all straight.

Next, we put her damp hair into a high, tight ponytail using a nice strong elastic band.

Next, we used an additional strong elastic band and puckered it to look like a puff on top of her head, spreading the hair around the ponytail to stick out in all directions.

Next, we took a small curling iron and curled her hair in tight ringlet curls.

Then, using bobby pins (you will need several of these…at least 20), begin tucking the curls into the base of the bun, leaving the ends out as curls.

Here is the final look from a few angles. This hairstyle will stay in the hair for several hours if you use good, tight bands and plenty of bobby pins.

Let me know if you decide to try this hairstyle at home.

Here is the same hairstyle on my older daughter, when her hair was very long.

 Would you like to see our favorite book for hairstyles and braiding?  With three girls of all different hair lengths and types, I was always looking for new things to try.  Here is the best book I have found:

A Book of Braiding and Styles


  1. Anonymous

    I love this site! Very informative and your pics are great. I really liked those nature ones. And the hairstyles are adorable. It looks like you worked really hard on this you did a great job.

    Sharon (happyhomemakers)

  2. Jodi

    Hi Malia,
    what a wonderful web site you have! It’s very inspiring that a mom can run a home, school her children and follow other interests as well.

    Can you tell me, what is Keeper of the Home?


  3. Malia

    Thank you so much for stopping by my website today! Keepers of the Home is a girls group that teaches young ladies homemaking skills and craft skills to prepare her for womanhood. A lot of these skills are ones that are being lost in today’s busy culture, such as soap making, hand crafts, caligraphy, manners, tea parties, hospitality, etc. My daughter is in a group that does these together once a month. They can earn badges or charms for completing a skill. So far this year my children have earned soap making, tea party, music, swimming, Bible reading and some other charms. I cannot think of them all right now. There is a website for a place where people can get the books with guidelines for great projects to do, even if you are just doing them at home. It’s web address is:

  4. Victoria

    Hi I am trying to find some hairstyles I am 11 years old I have some curlers but I don’t know how to use them got any different hairstyles?

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