Great Gift for Busy Moms

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Each year around the first week of December, I call a few friends and let them know I can keep *all* their children for a day.  I make a list of five or six dates that I will keep my calendar open, and call each one and let her choose a date.  On that day, she may bring her kids as early as she likes, and pick them up around 4:00, just in time for dinner prep to start.  This is a great gift for a home educator, a single mom, or a mom with toddlers.  We all have errands to run this time of year, and a free day can really be a boost to a mom’s energy.  She can use this time to make appointments or shopping or cleaning or gift wrap.  If you have the money, you can also make a meal for her family for that night….a simple casserole she can pop in the oven or a crock pot meal.

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