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I received the following email from my mother:

Dear Duncan and Malia,

I know that having us there on holidays takes some planning and I thank you for all you do. Hopefully, the time spent with Grandma and Granddad will become part of the “good old days” for the kids. And for us (Grandma and Granddad) they are truly the golden days right now.  You make that possible. What a blessing it is for both generations.  As a Son or Daughter who is also a Mom or Dad you are a link between those two generations – the bond of love that connects the history of your parent’s life with the incredible potential of your children.  These gifts shared during the holidays and any day we come to visit will be enjoyed by us and hopefully treasured by your children for many years to come.

So looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas with you and the wonderful grandchildren.

With love,

Grandma and Granddad

Now isn’t that sweet?  Let this be a reminder that it is not about your house, your homemaking skills, your cooking, your linens, or whether you have that perfect guest bedroom (we don’t).  Holidays are about nurturing relationships.

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