Preparing for Baby on a Budget ebook


Being ready. It’s every parent’s dream to be ready for the new stage of life that a little one means. Financially, emotionally, or even just having a few extra hours of sleep would be nice, aright?

I spent hours preparing for my own babies, both of which were born when we had little or no money in our budget for extra frills. During my pregnancies I’ve dealt with multiple job losses, a college graduation, 3 moves to new homes and various changes in income due to the nature of being self-employed. I know what’s like to be tight, so tight you can hardly imagine paying the bills next month, let alone buying diapers and formula.

During my second successful pregnancy, I spent a lot of time writing about how I prepared for our son’s birth, with things that I learned from my pregnancy with my daughter and some lovely tips and tricks I learned from being a frugalista in other areas. I talked to so many moms I lost track of all their names, asking the best ways they prepared and the things they learned during their pregnancies. Finally, I turned it all into an ebook that I pray will bless your family as much as it did my family while I utilized everything inside.



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