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Vet bills, allergies, shots, pet sitters, food expenses. In a time when we all complain that we lack time and often complain about not enough money, why are we so driven to have pets?

Logically speaking, there is no reason to take on another pet and another responsibility- unless you have one. Then, you will do whatever it takes to take care of your fur babies.

The first pet from our family growing up was a little white poodle. She lived to be fifteen and although my siblings all claimed even ownership, she was mine. She slept in my bed, she came to my call, I fed her, walked her, trained her (which she resisted summarilly) and I was with her to the end. Long after my siblings had moved out, and I had become a grown up, married with children, I loved that dog. At the age of 18 she died, leaving a hole no other dog could ever fill.

I also had a cat that I absolutely loved and adored. She was a constant companion for my dog, except at night when she went prowling. In the mornings I was often greeted with the horrific offerings of her night time catches which she lovingly placed on the front door mat. When she approached the end of her life (Feline leukemia at age 15), it was the hardest thing to let her go. I remember crying as hard for her as I ever had in my life.

Vet bills, while a serious financial hardship back then, were not even questioned. Special dog food needed for a skin allergy? No problem. We  struggled to pay the bills, but our pets ate premium food while we counted pennies.

Why do pets have such a hold on our hearts that we are willing to sacrifice in order to take care of them? I am not sure. Perhaps in the unwavering loyalty? Perhaps it’s the physical bonding that happens when you are in constant contact with a pet. Maybe it is because we love to feel needed, and love pouring out our energy on a living being that really never demands more than we can give.

Vanessa Hudgens stars as “Tara” in Ken Marino’s DOG DAYS, a LD Entertainment release.
Credit : Jacob Yakob / LD Entertainment


Nina Dobrev stars as “Elizabeth” in director Ken Marino’s DOG DAYS, a LD Entertainment release. Credit : Jacob Yakob / LD Entertainment

In any case, as parents, we have had limited pets due to allergies and asthma in our home. But fortunately for our girls, guinea pigs have been a joyful addition to their childhoods.

Expensive vet bills, feed, bedding, pet sitters. True. But seeing the devotion and joy in my daughters as they lovingly cared for, played with and talked to their little pets made me know it was all worth it.

I still miss my dog and cat from time to time, even though they have been gone many years. But I am not just reminiscing. I am excited to tell you about an upcoming film, Dog Days. If you love your fur babies (or pet fish or hairless cat, or whatever has captured your heart and attention), you are going to want to see this film.

SYNOPSIS:  DOG DAYS is a hilarious and heartfelt ensemble comedy that follows the lives of multiple dog owners and their beloved fluffy pals.  When these human and canine’s paths start to intertwine, their lives begin changing in ways they never expected.  This is a sweet film about the joy our furry friends bring into our lives and what they can teach us about treating people with kindness and compassion.  DOG DAYS releases in theaters in August 8.



Grace Hill Media has given me the opportunity to give away a $50 gift card to a loving pet owner. To enter for a chance to be chosen, just reply below with a description of your family pet(s) and one of the ways loving a pet has enriched your life.



  1. Edye

    My dogs name is Piper. She enriches our lives with her love.

  2. Susan Christy

    Lucy is crazy, yappy chihuahua and Foxy is a happy girl that loves being outdoors. I don’t know what I’d do without them – they are a constant source of entertainment and make me laugh every day.

  3. Kristen

    We have a wonderful mixed breed dog (mostly terrier) and she is such fun always making us laugh and keeping us company.

  4. Ashley Kolpak

    Our yorkshire terrier Mia is three years old and full of life and wonderment. She loves going for long walks and chewing bones. And cuddling. Just having a dog around makes the whole family that much more happier!

  5. Bernie Wallace

    My sisters dog has brought me great enjoyment. He loves me unconditionally. This movie looks like alot of fun.

  6. Mary Cloud

    We have two dogs and three cats. Our pets always enrich our lives in different ways. Mostly they’re always there to give you a smile when you’re down and out.

  7. Linda N.

    I have 2 cats and a a dog, a poodle mix – that we adopted from the local shelter. I consider my pets to be apart of our family and the love and affection that they provide daily is indescribable. My dog sleeps with my husband and I in bed and is a complete blanket hog and my cats sleep in their beds in the corner of our bedroom. I love them all so much.

  8. HS

    We have a dog, Max, he is family to us. You can’t ask a better friend than him.

  9. deanna

    Five years ago, I went to the shelter and they tried to discourage me from adopting her because we had a cat. I put her back in the kennel and went home. I couldn’t stop thinking about that cute pup all night. I went back the next day and took her home because I just knew we needed each other. Day-Z is my one-eye Jack Russell Terrier. She has comforted family members when my brother passed away, snuggled when family members were sick, and brought so many smiles to the neighborhood with her contagious energy. I can’t think of a life without that Day-Z pooch. She has helped me find a love in my heart that I never knew was there. She is my best friend. I cherish all of #dogdays we have together.

  10. mami2jcn

    We had a miniature poodle who we loved like he was our child. Unfortunately he passed away. Hopefully one day we’ll adopt another poodle.


  11. Lisa Brown

    Loving a pet is so healthy for you and the pet. Our little 3-year-old chihuahua is fun and active and affectionate; could not imagine not having him in our lives.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  12. Natalie

    When I was growing up my parents were going through a divorce which was very hard on me. I had a standard poodle named Dallas who loved me unconditionally and the fact that I could love him and he love me meant a lot when there was not a lot of love in my family at that time.

  13. Michel

    I would absolutely love to see this movie! We have a wonderful pup named Teddy who brings the house to life!

  14. Samantha

    #DogDays We have a chihuahua named Tiny and two cats who just had kittens. They pretty much control our lives because the kids love them soooo much!

  15. julie

    We have a corgi samoyed mix who is just such a bundle of love and joy

  16. Julie

    I absolutely love my bundle of fur – Collie Shepherd mix

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