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As a member of the TOS review crew, I have been given a subscription to Educeri Lesson Subscription Service from Educeri …….  Educeri a division of DataWORKS.


Educeri Lesson Subscription Service Reviews

Educeri is a tool for teachers. It has lessons (suitable for common core if your school district requires that. Basically it has short lessons that are self-contained. You basically present the lesson to the student and the student does the accompany printable worksheets. Here’s my screen shot of the opening page.


As you can see, it is in very pleasing colors and have lovely graphics. So, my daughter is the age to work on basic counting, so I chose that one first. Don’t be confused. I thought these were supposed to be a video driven lesson, but it’s not, its just screens that you click through. They are created for the teacher to read aloud to the students, while the student follows along on their accompanying printable.

I found this beginner lesson to be a little difficult for me personally because I did not like the way the material kept repeating this definition of counting at the top of every page that I thought was oddly worded.

” To count objects means to tell the amount of objects in a group.” Then, the name used in the example (Ygnacio)  was a difficult-to-read word, thus requiring a reading help in the middle of a very basic math lesson. It just seemed to me that it was painstakingly taking a very simple concept and complicating it. I tend to shy away from things that make school unnecessarily complex.



Educeri …….  Educeri a division of DataWORKS

After deciding this was not a great choice for Rebecca, I decided to try Daniel (grade 1) on some activities. So I picked an activity for Daniel that was about identifying characters in a story. Here’s how they define a character:

“A character is a person, animal or thing in a story. A character talks or does something in a story.”

You can see the example of this below. Then read the sample test question. According to the definition given, Daniel immediately identified the fan as a character. “The fan blew the paper across the room.”  His answer made total sense given the definition he just received. Again, this oddly worded definition made the topic confusing, when he was not confused about it before.



And then there was the occasional typo:  “The Best Boo” instead of Best Book. 2016-10-12-6

As you have surely gathered, I did not terribly enjoy using this program. There were complex and confusing definitions to explain what should be very easy topics. On each lesson it includes what common core standard the lesson satisfies, so if that is a requirement for you, that may be very useful, however as a home educator in the state of KY, this is not required.

The area where this program excels is in colorful, beautiful pictures. I really wanted to love this program and enjoy using it with the kids. But the wording of the definitions and the examples were written in a way that made it unnecessarily confusing and complicated.

The great news is they offer a free trial. I highly suggest you try a free trial of it if you think you can use this in your classroom. The things that bothered me may not bother you at all and for different topics and ages it may be more useful.  Also, check below to read more reviews- every family is different and they may have some additional insights.


Educeri Lesson Subscription Service

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