[Expired] Review and Giveaway: Master Lock dialSpeed Electronic Combination Lock

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dialSpeed combination lock

The dialSpeed combination lock from Master Lock

Posted by guest writer, Duncan Russell (Malia’s husband)

Master Lock has shown why they continue to remain a leader in security. The dialSpeed electronic combination lock is an electronic version of the Speed Dial combination padlock. With its directional movements instead of numbers, you can open it one-handed, without even looking at it. The combination code is programmable, so you set the code yourself instead of memorizing a preset code.

Some features added to the dialSpeed electronic version:

  • pre-labeled numbers/letters around the rim, for those who work better with phrases or number combinations than with a series of directional movements (the Speed Dial had labels you could affix to the lock)
  • the ability to add three additional guest codes besides the master code
  • register it with Master Lock Vault® to get your lock’s backup master code

I was able to easily follow the quick start guide to start using this lock immediately. One of the first questions that came to mind about using an electronic lock: What if the battery dies? The battery compartment only fully opens with the lock in an unlocked position. Master Lock already thought of this problem. The battery compartment partially opens, and you can insert the replacement battery sideways into the compartment, making contact with a special “jump slot” to provide enough power to unlock the lock (and change the battery!).

Spped Dial combination padlock from Master Lock

The non-electronic predecessor of the dialSpeed – the Speed Dial – has a flange at the base of the lock bolt, which made it too narrow to fit in the inset handle of my locker at the corporate gym.

The directional-based padlock is a great idea. I also have the non-electronic predecessor (the Speed Dial), and love using it. It is extremely easy to open the lock with one hand, and to memorize a combination of four directions instead of a set of three numbers that I was unable to choose myself. For me, the problem with the Speed Dial was a flange at the lock bolt base, which made it impossible to fit into the inset handles on certain lockers, particularly at my corporate gym. It was not an issue if the locker handle protruded from the outside of the locker, such as at the local YMCA. In comparison, the dialSpeed padlock fit as easily as any standard Master Lock on the inset handles. Compare the picture to the right with the dialSpeed photo at the beginning of the article.

After playing around with the codes, I plugged in the enclosed USB device to connect to the Vault® site. The AutoRun did not work on my Mac, unfortunately. The drive contained links to the online version of the user manual, as well as to the masterlockvault.com site. I clicked the link, created a free 1 GB account (they have additional storage options for nominal monthly fees), and registered the lock. I then had access to a backup master code for my lock in case I forgot it, as well as a place to store personal documents and passwords securely.

If you want the ability to program your lock combination, then the dialSpeed electronic padlock is a great choice. The additional codes would have been great for my shared locker as a freshman in high school, or for using with multiple users today (children, employees, etc.). Note that this lock is for indoor use only, so check out the other choices from Master Lock if you need an outdoor security solution.

Now YOU have a chance to win one too. Just leave a comment on this blog post telling me what you want to keep safe. For extra chances to win, share this article on Twitter or Facebook, and come back and leave another comment to let me know you did it. Winner will be contacted by email, and will have 24 hours to respond.


  1. Amy

    Neat lock! I’m always nervous to leave our stuff at the gym when we go so I would use it for the gym locker while we go swimming! We also have a lock box that has been needing a lock for some time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Karry

    I would use it while travelling

  3. Kristin

    This looks great! We would use this on our locker at the Y or on the fireproof box my husband has at his office!

  4. Wayne

    Great review on a fascinating product. As a college student with difficulty in operating an analog combo lock, this will be great to have to secure my tablet and personal items at the gym.

  5. Andrew Dudley Dudley

    I would use this to keep my laptop safe in my school locker, or wallet in the gym.

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