Redecorating Your Child’s Bedroom

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Decorating for kids in middle school can be difficult. They’re between stages, no longer little kids and but not quite ready for a grown-up bedroom. When your kids are ready to ditch their Hello Kitty  and Ninja Turtle bedspreads and want something “cooler” and “less babyish” it might be time to give their childhood room a makeover. Here are a few tips to make a smooth transition and decorate a room that your tween can grow into in the next few years.

The best place to start is simply to sit down and talk with your child about what he or she likes. Most likely you’ll find that for girls, things don’t  change too much. Pink, purple, and anything that sparkles is still perfectly alright with them. Boys are be harder to work with and tend to be vague in their descriptions and may say things like, “blue” or “stripes.” To get a better idea of the things they like, go through some home magazines with them and have them clip the pictures they like. Ask them to pay attention to the bedrooms of characters from their favorite TV shows or movies.

It is so much easier to match paint to fabric than fabric to paint. So starting with new linens and bedding is a smart move Let them pick out the bedding. This is the best way to compromise. If they pick out the bedding then you get to pick out the wall color. This way even if your daughter decides she wants hot pink sheets, you’ll be able to nix the idea of hot pink walls too and instead choose a more manageable color.

If your child doesn’t have a desk in his or her room already, now is the time to get one. It’s time to change the floor plan. Once they’ve reach 7th grade, the homework load increases significantly. Having a quiet place to do their work is imperative. Rearranging the room not only makes room for a desk or a larger bed, but it gives the impression that it’s an entirely different room-it is no longer a little kid room. This is also a great way to save money! A little rearranging gives a fresh perspective without buying new stuff.

Although your tween is ready for a more mature bedroom, chances are they aren’t ready to get rid of their childhood treasures. Consider installing a few high shelves for these items or making room on a bookshelf. This way their cherished possessions will still be visible, but will also be out of the way. Toys, trophies, and other memorabilia will have a spot in their hearts even if they are ready for a grown-up bedroom. Even if they let go of a lot of their toys and treasures, some things they’ll want to hold on to.

The worst thing you can do is splurge on high-priced items that your kid’s won’t like in a year. Their style is going to be changing from here on out. Give the room fun or funky flair with inexpensive items that can easily be parted with. Bean bag chairs, lava lamps and posters are all cheap ways to give the room added character without breaking the bank. Big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target are great places to look for inexpensive accessories.

Keep in mind that storage is an important consideration. It’s a good idea to maximize closet space with extra rods or hanging shelves. Under-the-bed storage is a good way to store seasonal clothing, shoes, or hobby supplies. The older your child gets, the more stuff he or she will accumulate, and unless there is adequate storage that stuff will end up on the floor.

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