Review: Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System

I recently received a brand new product to review:  The Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System.

This is a kitchen soap dispenser for the home.  I have often wished I had a no-touch soap dispenser when I saw them in public restrooms.  This one is made for the home cook.  It has a unique soap that works great on the dishes, but also works fine as a hand soap as well.

All the children were especially excited to try it- my kids love kitchen gadgets!

Here is how it works;

You place it near your sink.  When you need a squirt of soap, you just place your sponge or hand in front of the dispenser.

It works beautifully.  It was great when I was making chicken and was handling the raw meat.  I was glad to be able to soap my hands for washing without touching the bottle.

The one issue we had was easily resolved.  At first, every time we put dishes in the sink, soap would dispense because they were placed in front of the No-Touch Kitchen system.  Once we realized this problem, we decided to try shifting the bottle back further on the sink- issue resolved.

The soap cleaned the dishes and pans with ease, and I did not notice any drying of my skin in using it. On the down side, The Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System did seem to dispense a more generous amount of soap than I am accustomed to using.

If you like the idea of the totally hands-free operation, I think you will be very pleased with this product.  This is one we will continue using since I do so much cooking and baking!

Here is information on the product from Lysol:

Lysol created a revolutionary automatic, hands-free dispenser with a multi purpose formula that:

  • Powers through grease on dishes
  • Cleans tough messes on surfaces
  • Kills bacteria on hands as it gently cleanses them

All these great benefits in a no-touch design!

The starter kits are available in Sparkling Tangerine and Shimmering Berry.

The starter kit includes: one dispenser, one 8.5oz refill and three AA batteries.

Refills are available in 3 great scents: Sparkling Tangerine, Shimmering Berry, Sunkissed Lemon.

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