[Expired] Review and Giveaway: Stanley Degreaser Concentrate

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I received a review bottle of: Stanley Degreaser Concentrate to sample and see how I liked it. I have also been given a bottle to giveaway to one of our readers!

When we received this bottle, it looked similar to any other concentrated cleaner. We had a tough job to tackle, so I decided to give this cleaner a try. The front porch has siding on it, that somehow collects dirt, grime, dust and sometimes bugs. Our siding is a pale tan color, but over the last couple of years it had changed to a darker brown color. I sent Sarah out with a bucket of water with a small amount of the concentrate and a scrub brush.

A few minutes later she came inside, very excited to tell me just HOW clean the porch siding was looking. I came outside and we were thrilled to see that the porch was back to it’s original color. The degreaser took away all the grime with relative ease.

We have since used it on all kinds of jobs, primarily in the kitchen. We have diluted it for the cabinet fronts, the vinyl flooring, and the fronts of appliances. It seems to work well, and we have not been unhappy with it yet.

We are excited to have one bottle of this to giveaway to one reader. Please enter below if you want a chance to win.

We will contact winners via email and they will have 48 hours to respond. After that, we will select another winner.

Stanley Home is pleased to introduce you to their new Degreaser Concentrate (http://www.shponline.com/english/shop_product_detail.asp?CatID=19&ProductID=2); four times more concentrated than leading cleaners, it powers out tough grease build-up and stains wherever they’re found. Since you use less, you save more, for better results! It is safe for septic systems, bio

Would you like to see a list of innovative ways to use this product?
50 Ways to Use the DEGREASER From Stanley

1. Clean stainless steel sinks using Degreaser and Stanley stainless
steel sponges.
2. To keep drains running smoothly pour 1 tsp. down the drain and
allow to set overnight.
3. Clean garbage disposals by adding 1 tsp. of Degreaser to 1
quart warm water. Pour solution into disposal and allow it to set
4. Presoak dishes using 1 capful of Degreaser in your dish-water.
Soak dishes for several minutes, then wash as usual.
5. Regular use of Degreaser in your dishwasher helps prevent
grease build-up in drains.
6. To clean baked-on food from dishes, mix a few drops of degreaser
with hot water & place on the dish. Allow dish to soak for 5-10
minutes before cleaning.
7. Spray Degreaser and allow to set on dried on food on
countertops. Allow cleaner to set 10 minutes, gently use a scrub
brush or sponge to wipe off counter.
8. Use Degreaser full strength to clean baked-on grease on pots,
grill rack and broiler pans. Scrub with a sponge or stainless steel
scrubbers, rinse and wipe dry.
9. To clean outside of your microwave use 1 oz. Degreaser mixed
with 1 gal. warm water. Wipe down with a sponge.
10. Spray the top of the stove with Degreaser when you’ve
finished cooking and are ready to sit down and eat. This makes
for a quick and easy clean-up after mealtime.
11. To maintain your stove’s exhaust fan, periodically remove grease
and lint accumulation from the hood. Soak the mesh wire filter in
solution of 1 tbsp. Degreaser and hot water for 5 minutes. Rinse and
12. Spray down outside of refrigerator with Degreaser and wipe
immediately with a sponge.
13. Dilute 1 oz. Degreaser in warm water and clean interior of fridge.
14. Degreaser is safe enough to be use on kitchen cabinets. Use 1
oz. diluted in a gallon of water and wipe down with a sponge or
soft cloth.
15. To clean showers and tubs use 1 oz. Degreaser per gallon of
warm water. Wash down with a sponge and rinse well.
16. Clean ceramic tile with solution of 1 tbsp. Degreaser mixed with
1 gallon of warm water.
17. Soak hair brushes and combs in 1 tsp. Degreaser per 1 quart of
warm water. Allow to soak for 10 minutes before cleaning.
18. Clean make-up and lipstick off clothing by using Degreaser full
strength on stain. Also removes tar. Launder as usual.
19. To boost your laundry detergent, add 2 oz. of Degreaser to your
wash water.
Miscellaneous Uses
20. Clean children’s plastic and vinyl toys with 1 oz. Degreaser per
gallon of warm water. Rinse well and allow to air dry.
21. Use 1 oz. Degreaser to wash down painted walls and surfaces.
22. Clean vinyl wallpaper with 1 tbsp. Degreaser mixed with 1 gal. of
warm water. Clean with sponge and wipe down to prevent streaking.
23. To clean baseboards add 2 tsp. Degreaser to 1 gal. warm water.
24. For extra cleaning power pour 1 capful into spray bottle of window
25. Spot clean stains from carpet using Degreaser. Spray down
soiled area and use scrub brush for cleaning.
26. To clean Vinyl and Composition Floors dilute 1 oz. per gallon of
warm water. Rinse floor and allow to dry.
27. To remove grease from hands, add a few
drops on your hands mixed with hand
soap. Scrub and rinse for a quick cleanup.
28. Make a 50/50 solution of Degreaser &
water to clean Barbecue racks. Spray
racks, insert in large garbage bags.
Allow cleaner to work overnight. Use
stainless steel sponges to clean off the
racks, rinse, and dry.
29. Soak barbecue utensils in solution of 1
tbsp. per gallon of hot water. Allow
utensils to soak for 5 minutes, drain
solution, and wash.
30. Pour 1 capful in garbage can and add
to 1 gal. warm water. Allow Degreaser
to set for 10 minutes. Scrub down can
and rinse.
31. When opening and closing pools for
the swim season spray down, sides,
liners, and steps with Degreaser for
easy cleaning.
32. Clean outside of lawnmower with Degreaser.
33. Scrub down patios and decks with 2 oz. Degreaser per gallon of
34. Power-wash concrete and blacktop driveways using Degreaser.
35. Scrub down outside steps and sidewalk with solution of 1 oz.
Degreaser and 1 gallon of water. Scrub, rinse, and allow to dry
36. Clean screens on windows and doors with 1 oz. Degreaser per gallon
of warm water. Scrub down screens, rinse, and allow to dry.
37. Use Degreaser with a pressure washer to clean vinyl and painted
siding on homes, campers, and trailers.
38. Spray down house gutters with degreaser. Scrub, rinse, and air dry.
39. Clean outdoor furniture made of resin or vinyl with 1 oz.
Degreaser per gallon of warm water. Scrub, rinse, and dry.
40. Vinyl tents can be cleaned with 2 oz. of Degreaser per gallon of
water. Scrub down tent, rinse well and air dry.
41. For bike maintenance spray Degreaser 2x a month on bicycle
42. Soak greasy tools in 50/50 solution of Degreaser and water.
Allow tools to soak for 10 minutes, scrub, rinse, and dry.
43. Clean vehicles with 1oz. Degreaser diluted in 1 gal. of water.
44. Spray down whitewalls on cars and trucks, scrub and rinse.
45. Use Degreaser to clean vinyl interior of cars & trucks.
46. Clean truck beds with 2 oz. Degreaser in warm water.
47. Spray down chrome surfaces with Degreaser, rinse and wipe dry.
48. Use full strength to clean up motor oil spills.
49. Clean garage floors with 2 oz. Degreaser per gallon of water.
Using a scrub brush, clean from back to front of garage. Rinse
with garden hose and allow to dry.
50. Clean fiberglass boats with Degreaser. Dilute 1 oz. in a spray
bottle, spray, scrub, rinse and dry. Also may be used full strength
for spot cleaning.
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  1. Lena

    Used this degreaser years ago and really liked it. A free bottle would be great.

  2. Holly

    I dislike cleaning my stove.

  3. Lisa

    The cleaning job I most dread is washing windows . . . and we have a lot of them! 😉

  4. terra coleman

    sounds like a great product

  5. Diane

    I used Stanley degreaser years ago. Love the stuff. Did not know they still made it

  6. toni clark

    the bath tub is the worst next to dusting

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