Review: 6-foot Master Lock Python Product

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Recently I was asked by Master Lock to review the Master Lock 6’ Python lock.  This mammoth chain lock was a strong, flexible multi-use lock.  As I examined the lock it did not take me long to figure out several possible uses.  It could obviously be used as an impressive bike lock….but I am not a biker, so I imagined all kinds of other uses as well.

It was hefty enough that we could use it to secure our grill to the deck in the summer.  We can also use it to lock down our generator should we need to use it in the event of summer or winter storms (yes, we are prone to lose power here occasionally).

The steel braided cable offered peace of mind for securing valuable items without worry.  The 3-position locking mechanism provided several options for adjusting or expanding the cable easily to accommodate many needs.

It also has rekeyable cylinders to make it convenient to secure several items while only needing one key.  It was simple to use- even for non-mechanical me.  I found the 6’ Master Lock Python to be harder to remove from the packaging than to figure out how to use the product!

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