From Chaos to Order: Bringing Organization to Your Home (Part 3)

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So we’ve gone through the First and Second Part of Chaos to Order.

Let’s review where we have come so far:

Chaos – distractions-decisions what next?  We are going to use some division and talk about delegation.


The Heavenly Homemaker took His man, put him in the garden and gave him a share in the garden. He gave him responsibility. Today we call that delegating. Kristin Sauder shared with me once that God delegated responsibility. Let’s review what we know about the Lord:

1) God creates a world from nothing;

2) He formed a garden and did so with purpose, order and beauty;

3) He created a man from some of His newly formed dirt;

4) He put His man into His garden home; and then,

5) He told the man, “Now you’re going to manage it!”

And you know God could have done a better job!  What was He thinking? This is an area where I have struggled. Many times it takes more work to delegate the job than it does to get the job done myself.  Do you agree? I can clean the bathrooms twice as fast as my children,wash dishes in no time at all, and fold laundry in my sleep! Why would I enlist the help of others who may be less skilled?

Why did God delegate? I believe He wanted man to have a share in things, to experience the joys and responsibilities of ownership. He wanted him to be part of what was going on in His home. He didn’t turn the whole thing over to Adam, but He did give him certain responsibilities.

We need to let our children experience the satisfaction of a job well done. We need to let them be a part of the team.  Notice God didn’t offer to pay Adam for cultivating the garden. He wasn’t hiring him. He was including him.

Each member of the home should have designated responsibilities simply because they live in and enjoy the benefits the home provides. It’s a privilege to be a part of the team. It was for Adam and it is for those living in our home.  If you’re feeling chaotic in your home making and you are currently doing every job all by yourself, it’s no wonder you’re overwhelmed! We can’t do it all, and based on God’s example, even if we could, it’s not the best way to go.

Notice that, even after He delegates to Adam, God continues to be God. He is in charge. He tells the sun to wake up and shine on the garden each morning and then hangs out the moon and stars each night. He makes sure fruit grows on the tree even as Adam tends it.

But you manage effectively, doing what only you can do, all the while graciously and specifically enlisting the help of those for whom you created the home in the first place. You teach and train those under your care for their benefit and for the benefit of all who live in your home.

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