Is it July already?

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June was such a busy, busy month. Ordinarily I try to keep my life fairly simple. Over the years, I have eliminated a lot of the distractions of being overcommitted as I know in this season of womanhood I need to focus most of my time and attention at home, but occasionally things are scheduled that we know the Lord is calling us to do, and sometimes they are all in the same month!

June is a big month for our family. It is our anniversary month, my parents’ anniversary, my mother’s birthday, and father’s day.

In addition, we decided to go on a quick mission trip to Appalachia Kentucky. That is about 4 hours from here. We joined with a group of over 600 volunteers from about 10 different states in helping with a “Touched Twice” clinic. We were able to serve and meet and love (in the name of Jesus) about 700 families that came through the clinic.

As soon as we arrived home, we had to turn around and prepare for the CHEK conference. I had developed two new talks for the conference: Teaching the Difficult Child and Marriage 911. Once I had the talks written, we had to get them recorded and burned onto CDs as well so that they would be available at the conference. We had the pleasure of hosting Marc Carrier and his assistant in our home for the conference, and by the next week had our living room carpeting torn up and replaced with hardwood flooring. (Whew!)

At the conference we ran into some friends who talked with us about the merit of selling used books through Amazon, and we decided to take the plunge and see how it went. We are only on about day 2 of selling, so we are still learning the ropes. The biggest problem I can foresee is not having enough books to sell. There are only so many hours in a day for me to shop around at goodwills and thrift stores for used books. Then, of course is the enormous learning curve with every new venture.

Right after the conference I ran a special sale to get rid of extra inventory I had purchased for the conference. Amazingly, orders poured in, and I am still scrambling to get them all filled. I have no shipping department, so every invoice, every package, every label, every piece of packing material, and every shipping label is done by little ol’ me. I was hardly prepared for the task. I thank you all for your patience. I hope to have all the remaining packages out the door by Friday.

Also in June was the “Very Veggie Video Class.” In the class we learned how to make some brand new meals with lots of extra veggies. One of my favorites was the vegetarian tacos. I had no idea how much I would like them.

Very Veggies Video Class

In many ways I am glad that June is behind us. For much of the month, Anne Mary has been continuing to get over Mono, and that has just zapped the energy from her. Usually she is full of energy and smiles, but the last two months have been hard on her.

On a good note, I have continued losing weight and as of last Friday, I have lost 29 pounds. Your continued prayers in this endeavor are appreciated.

Well, I need to move on from here and get working on my newsletter for July. Thank you dear friends for your encouragement and support.

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