Frank Kern’s Mass Control Monthly – Exposed!

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If you are an internet marketer, or are thinking of being one, this post will be extremely interesting to you. If not, this post will be a waste of your time.

After hearing all the HYPE about Frank Kern’s Mass Control I wanted to give it a whirl and see how he REALLY treats his customers.

I signed up for the “Free” Mass Control monthly 30 day trial. I paid shipping (which if I recall correctly was under $20.00).

I immediately got this message that said something like: We do not know how you got this back door link, but Mass Control Monthly is SOLD OUT. You will get your shipment but it will be delayed. “I KNEW IT!” my mind screamed! He will wait until day 28 to ship that thing!

To my surprise, just a couple of days later, I get a package from Frank Kern. Wow. I was pleasantly surprised.

Then, I started watching the videos. If you want to hear what Frank Kern has to say about marketing, you have to muscle your way through foul language. Not just little foul words, he even uses the horrible beyond belief “f” word like it is normal vocabulary. However, he gave away more TRULY HELPFUL information than any other “free” marketing materials I have ever seen.

He went through step by step on so many things that used to be a mystery to me. He talked about copy, sales pages, reputation, partnerships, JV partners, mailing list management and more. I really could type for DAYS sharing what I learned from him. He also sent an AMAZING DVD set with hours and hours of really helpful, pertinent data.

I was knocked over with surprise at the high quality of the productions and the amazing material that my measly $20.00 got for me. But, part of me still was a bit skeptical. If I did not cancel this thing in 30 days I was going to get charged some HUGE monthly sum.

When I knew I was getting close on my days, I suddently got an email saying my product had been shipped. “WHAT??!!”

I knew my 30 days were not passed, and I had NOT ordered anything else from him.

Well, apparently, it was an additional CD- another Free Surprise bonus. Weird. This guy was WAAAAY overdelivering.

Finally, the moment of truth. I knew I could not afford the huge monthly fee. Not yet, anyway. Afterall, my business income goes straight to paying bills and buying groceries. There just is not enough of it to spread around just yet. So, with a little nervousness I sent a letter to say to go ahead and cancel my subscription. I was sad, too, because the materials were worth well more than I paid for them. If money were no object, I would have hung around a few more months on the program just as a thank you to Frank Kern. But, reality is what it is, and I needed to get busy applying everything I learned so I could afford to learn from the masters.

When I wrote to cancel my account, I got an email back right away: “Your next installment has already been shipped, but don’t worry, we won’t charge you.”

Wow. Frank Kern. You are not as hard core as you seem on your videos. And despite how you dress and how you cut your hair, your Customer service is TOP NOTCH. Seriously. I hope that if any customer of mine ever has a problem or needs a refund, they will feel the same way I did that day. Impressed.

Who knows, perhaps one day our businesses will make enough excess that I can sign up for Mass Control Monthly again.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can create a product: “Frank Kern’s Amazing Marketing Stuff- G-Rated.” Perhaps we should collaborate. I have about 400 Christian Self-Publishing friends who could really benefit from your materials.

Thanks, Frank.

P.S. This is a little addition I wanted to add now, several months after the above post. A friend of mine, Shelley HAS actually developed a business class that is not riddled with foul language and is probably more reasonable for most folks’ budgets. Here is a link:
Your Business Breakthrough

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