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If you read the typical magazines that come from the store and always find yourself bored and wondering why these are so shallow, I have wonderful news for you.

I just received my first copy of Seasons at Home Magazine. This magazine is written by beautiful, Christian, godly women who really love the Lord and love their husbands, children, and their calling to be stay-at-home mothers. Every article is beautifully crafted to be true to God’s Word and fill you with inspiration. The pictures are breathtaking and inspiring. This is not your normal stock photo type of layout.

Here are some of the features of the Spring 2008 edition of the magazine:

  • A Wife that Blesses
  • Kindred Hearts (Their pen pal program)
  • The School Room
  • Pushcart (Step by step directions for a project with Dad)
  • A whole section on babies including making your own diapers, wash clothes and Dingham style crocheted bankets.
  • Simple directions with beautiful illustrations and pictures for making home spun crafts.
  • A series about having an Anne of Green Gables Tea, complete with pictures, recipes, and beautiful hair styles for young girls.

There is so much more, I could go on writing, but the best way for you to see it yourself is to stop over at the website of the writers of this amazing magazine, I think you will be so surprised by the lovely content, and you will be inspired.

Thanks, Theresa Powers, Jessica Munday, and Kim Mills for putting together the most unique and precious magazine I have ever had the pleasure of reading!

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