Painting Tips for Saving Money and Energy by Christine Gates

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Painting Tips for Saving Money and Energy

My friend, Christine Gates sent me the following, and of course, I had to share with you.

Malia –  I have a money saving idea…when using a roller and cleaning it…get to where it is running very thin on the paint…maybe been washing it 5 minutes or so…then put all of these rollers in your washing machine.  Run it on cotton cycle, low with a tbl of soap.  When done, they are as clean as ever and nearly dry…makes for easy clean up and storage….and you can reuse without old paint being stuck in them.

While on the subject of paint, definitely invest in some Kiltz or primer.  It seems like an added expense and coat but one never knows if the other paint with adhere or how many coats it will take to cover.  This is especially true with changing glosses or going from a dark to light color.  Primer runs about $10-16 on average when the decent paint, not on sale is about $16-$30 a gallon.  It also makes the colored paint go on so much smoother.

Lastly, I am decorating with paint so I am needing to tape and have horizontal lines…I am using one of those line makers…it sends  a beam out of light…how cool.  It comes with self adhesive tape.  It isn’t hard to use…but best used with the lights off and the sun not beating in your window.

Oh, pour left over paint into clear used glass jars like pickle jars.  Store in room temperatures versus outside.  Mark on the can the store bought, brand name, color, gloss, and any mfg. number and room used in.  Taping the actual card you picked the color from will help also.  This stores better.  The original paint can will rust over time, even the lid which makes for some nasty paint.

Last but not least, purchasing an edger…about $5 that is about 4×3.5 and has little wheels in it is a must.  It makes edging a sinch, especially for ceilings which are hard to tape.

Well, will be in touch about the wheat soon.

Christine Gates
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Thanks, Christine!

Do you have any other painting tips?

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  1. elaine

    the color red requires:

    1. gray tinted primer! to us lay people it seems like a dark color but it is in reality one of the sheerest colors – paint all day and it won’t come out right unless you use this dark primer.

    2. the highest quality paint you can afford. buy a cheap red and you won’t be happy with it.

    also, if you are painting different sections different colors and don’t want “bleeding” to be a problem, either use FROG tape (it’s green as opposed to usual blue) or seal the blue tape with thin bead of caulk. we used caulk method for painting upper 2/3 of our sons’ walls red and the lower portion light gray – absolutely no bleeding or feathering!

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