Christina is Graduating This Month (May 2008)

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Christina is a remarkable young lady who never ceases to amaze me. When she entered her high school years, she decided to go on a mission trip for each year of high school. In her freshman year, she went to a Navajo reservation in Arizona with a group of youth from our church. There they ministered to Navajo families, at-risk children, and individuals in crisis through a children’s home, a counseling center, and helped in construction work of a new youth center. She also participated in a Vacation Bible School for the children. Christina raised enough funds to fully fund her own trip, and had enough excess to help several other students fund their trips as well!


For her second mission trip, she was invited to be part of a select group of teens invited to Restoration House for a program called: Worldview Eyes. This program helps teens learn to interact more effectively with people with other worldviews and cultures. They were also trained in many of the aspects of church planting. As part of this mission trip, she and several other teens traveled to many churches in the Boston Area and did research for a new church plan planned there in the next couple of years. Based on Christina’s application and recommendations from youth leaders, she received a full scholarship for this training and mission trip.


For her third mission trip, Christina went to Romania. After spending some time in a very impoverished area where they ministered to orphans, they went into the Transylvania mountains with a group of youth to help lead them in a week of Bible study and worship. She once again raised her own funds through working and sponsorships for the entire cost of this trip. As part of the preparation for this trip, they each carried a 50 pound bag of items to take into this very poor country including Bibles, clothing, music CDs, books, and toiletries, many of which she helped gather through her own community and work connections.


For her fourth mission trip she travelled to Appalachia, KY where she did cleaning, painting, light construction, and shopping for some extremely impoverished families living just a few hours from Louisville.


In addition to these major trips, Christina has acted as a volunteer in many other capacities as well.She has done volunteer service for the Louisville Free Public Library.

She has volunteered along side her family at free medical clinics for the poor throughout the city. In this capacity she was paired with incoming patients for whom she would fill out basic paperwork, then stayed with the clients as they made their way through the clinic to make sure all their needs were met, including free healthcare, dental care, groceries, clothing, and a hot meal.


Christina has volunteered at a local soup kitchen with her family as well. There, she helped in preparing meals, serving meals, and clean up after the day’s work was finished.

In her church she has worked in several capacities.For two years she served to greet Junior High students and help them find their way to different events in the youth center.


She has volunteered as a greeter and helper for national conferences being held at church. She also participates in the Southeast Christian Church Easter production, working backstage to help set the stage, do scene changes, and help with clean-up after productions. This production requires weeks of volunteer service, often spanning from 5:00 in the evening until close to 10:00 before she gets home.


She has also participated in the Journey to Bethlehem. She served in two capacities. She helped sew costumes, make alterations, organize costumes, and fit participants, and she participated as an actor as well. Currently, she acts as a childcare check-in volunteer in the early childhood ministry at church. She also serves in our Church’s coffee shop, doing basic hospitality and clean-up after church services.


Christina worked part time for a local business owner, Lisa Sams State Farm Insurance Agency from age 14-17. She started as a personal assistant.Her job evolved to Office Information Manager, where she has became a vital part of the operations of this small company, being entrusted with customer care, client telephone calls, and filing.


In December 2006, Christina accepted a position working for Kelly’s Filmworks (A local Independent Filmmaking Company). She was the Script Supervisor for a Christian film Another Perfect Stranger, released in March 2007. She was immediately hired to work as a Script Supervisor for a six part television series, and is now working on another film, Clancy by the same Christian Filmmaking Company.


In her summers, she has had a small grass cutting business, participated in a local swim team, babysits, and bakes and sells homemade bread! Obviously, Christina is a very busy young lady. But even with all the work she does as a volunteer, and now as an employee and entrepreneur, Christina continues to demonstrate her very high values and morals.


She is a dedicated, hard worker, and displays the qualities that we have hoped for years she would cultivate.She is a loving friend, devoted sister and daughter, and she keeps her mind set on the things that are good and is firm in her faith.She has chosen not to join in dating until she is older and instead devotes her energy to studying, working, and serving in missionary causes.


Christina’s High School years have not been without their challenges. She had knee surgery in January of 2006, followed by a second, more extensive surgery in March 2007. She continues to live with pain from her knee daily, yet continues to pursue life with the passion of a typical teenager. She always faces these challenges with the utmost maturity and grace. It has limited her ability to play the sports she enjoyed when she was younger, but it has not prevented her from being a young woman who makes a HUGE difference in our community and around the globe.


I feel humbled and blessed to be her mother, and hope you will agree that she is a precious young woman.


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  1. Kimberly Kovach

    WOW! What an inspiration! Thanks for your in-depth coverage!

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