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After trying these for over a year, I am ready to give my stamp of approval to some vitamins  I started taking in February 2008.

After experimenting with some products from the Beeyoutiful Company, I decided to try their SuperMom vitamins.  I am kind of a skeptic when it comes to these things, so I kept my testing to myself until I could see some results of some kind.

My first day taking them, I acquired a headache.  I continued to have headaches for a few days.  This obviously was a concern to me, so I started researching whether it was possible for a vitamin to cause headaches.  I read several posts online that stated there may be a temporary period of “detoxing” which may result in headaches, but this occurrence is very rare.  All these symptoms can be alleviated by reducing the dose (instead of two caplets, take one, or cut one in half), and building up your system to be used to them, but for the most part all these symptoms would go away in about two weeks.

The jury was still out.  My nails were growing beautifully.  My hair and skin look and feel better.  My energy was still pretty high from taking the Bee Strong and Berry Well.  I actually felt even better on this vitamin than when I was taking the other supplements alone, but the headaches HAD to stop before I could consider this a long term use vitamin. Soon, I noticed I had no more headache (yeah!).  I still felt good.  My nails still looked better.  I still felt good and strong.   Now, a year later, I still love taking these vitamins. I used to be very inconsistent on taking my vitamins, but I feel so much better when I do take them, that I rarely forget.  I decided to carry them on my site because I do think they are terrific, but be aware, you may be one of those precious 10 % that have some sort of detoxing side effect.

I looked at the cost of the vitamins, and while they are more expensive  ($36) than the Sams Club variety I was taking in the past, they are not terribly so.  They come in a huge quantity, making them last three months!  There are 180 in the bottle, and you take two per day.  If my budget would not allow for the full cost, one of these per day would be better than what I was using before.

Have you tried the SuperMom Vitamins?  Did you have any of the De-Toxing Effects? What other vitamins have you tried and loved?


  1. Kym

    Hi Malia, I love these vitamins! I have been taking them for about a year. I recently got my husband started on SuperDad and he likes those. I think I will add Bee Strong & Berry Well to my next order. Thank you for your wonderful articles!
    Blessings, Kym

  2. April

    I’m a Chrisitan wife and mother to three wonderful children ages 15, 12, and 8. We live on 4 acres in the beautiful state of KY. Five years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic illness known as Interstitial Cystitis, in short I was told I had ulcers in my bladder !!!!!! I was unable to take any vitamins as they irritated my bladder to the point of being unbearable. God is awesome to answer prayers and today I’m able to deal with this condition through diet and rest. The great news is the” Super Mom Vitamins” are the first vitamins I have been able to take in over five years and I feel so good. Now, I starting taking them last week and only one a day as I have to be cautious when taking any new supplement due to my chronic illness. The Super Mom Vitamins are wonderful…………I will be going to two vitamins a day in the future. IF one of the vitamins makes me feel this good I can’t wait to see how much energy I’ll have from taking two. I need the energy with homeschooling and chores on the farm.

    Malia I want to say a” BIG” thank you for making the Super Mom vitamins available. God is good to give us all we need………

    In His service,

    April in Bloomfield, KY

  3. Tasha

    I was pleasantly surprised to find this article becuase I google searched supermom cause headache. I feel awful today 🙁 I took two this morning. I also had stomache cramps (I did take with food) But I am going to take 1/2 of one tomorrow and build up. Hopefully ti will work! Wish me luck!

  4. Katie

    So it’s ok to take Bee Strong, Berry Well and Supermom vitamins together? I have the Bee Strong and Berry well and was thinking of ordering the Supermom ones too. I just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be too much. Thanks!

  5. Malia

    Absolutely. I take all three frequently. However, it can give me lots of energy when I take all three, and so I do not take Bee Strong after 1:00 in the afternoon. It does not make me feel jittery….just WIDE AWAKE. Taking it in the morning and at lunch time has not been a problem.

  6. Heather Drinkwater

    I took these during and following the births of my last two children. They helped enormously with my energy levels and recovery. One thing I did find for myself was that I have to take mine early in the day and that I only need one to reap the benefits. If I take two, or take the vitamin later in the day, I cannot get to sleep at night. That might be good when baby is nursing, but not normally! These vitamins are a quality product and definitely worth the investment.

  7. Sarah Barrick

    My baby is a month old today and I just ordered Supermom. I just realized, what if I can’t take them while nursing..? Does anyone know if I can or if the baby will have side effects?

  8. Malia

    I am not a doctor, so you may want to check with your phamacist or doc, but I have personally used it fine, as have others.

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