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To this end I also labor, striving according to His working which works in me mightily.

Colossians 1:29

For the past year I have really suffered from being low energy. In January, I discussed this with a friend.  I shared with her my concern with low energy and she told me she used to have this same problem, then discovered a product that has really helped!

Even though I was skeptical, I decided to try a whole food supplement called: Bee Strong. Also, I knew I had a compromised immune system. I was catching everything my children brought home and more. She suggested another supplement called: Berry Well.

Literally the first day that I took both I felt a surge of energy and I kept going steadily from 5 am to past midnight. I did not feel jittery or funny, just energetic and strong. This has continued now for 7 weeks!

Now, I do naturally go through cycles where I have more energy than others, so I wanted to wait a few weeks before talking about it at all to be sure I was not just on one of my “High Energy” cycles, only to crash a few days later. After about a month I became convinced that it was helping and I sent some to my mother (70) who was really feeling tired as well. She told me she was very skeptical, but experienced the same thing I did. She loved it!

Additionally, all four of my children have been sick with the flu over the last four weeks (passing it back and forth). My husband and I decided to stay on the Berry Well, and amazingly neither of us got sick. That is truly amazing because I catch EVERYTHING from my kids. My oldest daughter tried the Berry Well and got better within a couple of days.

All this to say, I love it enough I decided to contact the company and see if I can carry it on my website. They said YES! If you want to know more about these products (and another one I am trying out now called: Bee Immune), just check out our descriptions and see the complete details.

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  1. Mary Moore

    I have tried Berry Well and Bee Immune as well as the Bee strong. I am 70 and feel stronger and have more energy. Last week I was getting very hoarse and a sore throat starting. I took the Berry Well (one dose) and the Bee Immune (also one dose) and the hoarseness and irritated throat was gone within the day. I highly recommend it. I have several health issues and this seems to help a lot. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful product.

    A double thank you for your inspiring writing and your wonderful sharing. Mary

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