Year By Year: Freshman

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  • Beautiful Feet American  History
  • Bible
  • Apologia Physical Science
  • Drama**
  • P.E. (softball, swimming)
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  • Advanced Math Independent **
  • Mission Trip- Navajo Indian Ranch


  1. Peggy

    What grade is your eldest child in now? We homeschool but are signed up through a state sponsored program which allows us to use whatever curriculum we desire. The only requirements to be enrolled in the program is submit to state testing and turn in quarterly work samples (we submit all of our graded tests!) If it is not a faith based curriculum they will pay for the curriculum. Now to the questions… Our eldest is technically a freshman but has already completed many of the requirements such as 9th grade English, World Geography, and Biology. His curriculum is basically college preparatory courses as he is trying to to gain an appointment to either the US Naval Academy (Anapolis) or Westpoint. We are using Apologia for science this year even though it is out of order (i.e. physical science after biology) but are looking for ideas for good history curriculums. His loves history! In fact, he knows more military history (world wide) than I could ever hope to learn, let alone remember. Do you have any suggestions for good English courses as well? We live in a small community in rural Alaska (I know isn’t the whole state rural) where there are no opportunities or interest in co-ops.

    I really enjoy your site! I’ve heard of it before but had just never ventured here!

    Thank you so very much for any ideas you might have to offer! Oh, this is our fourth year of homeschooling but it is my first year of using anything other than ACE. We also have two other children (boys) ages 12 and 9. We do our schooling at the “dining” room table as our home is an open floor plan. Kitchen, dining room, and living room all in the same room!

    In Christ,

  2. Malia

    My oldest daughter is in her Freshman year in College.

    Our daughter was an avid reader so we went with a history program called: Beautiful Feet. It is a literature approach. The “text book” is a tiny book. It is not a text book at all, but a reading guide. it has you read through literature related to the period of history from several perspectives. For example, instead of reading about the civil war, you may read about a white plantation owner’s perspective, a slave’s perspective, a Northerner’s perspective, a KY person’s perspective, a military leader’s perspective, etc. In other words, you really get the “story” in history and have a much more thourough understanding.

    If you do not have a good library nearby, this could be rather expensive. We ended up buying lots of the books because even though we have good libraries here, often the books we needed were checked out a the time we needed them, which caused her to be behind quite a bit. We ended up buying most of the books through used books on Amazon, and over the course of three years, probably spent over $300 on book just for history. It seems high, but I have loaned that complete set to friends and I have three more children who will use them as well, so I figure I have not wasted the money.

    For English we used “Learning Language Arts Through Literature” from 6th grade through 10th grade. Since I am also a writer, I basically used any paper or written work as a learning opportunity, and critiqued, had her re-write, and analyzed the writing of anything she did. In college, she is sailing through her English Classes. In her Junior and Senior year, we went outside the box. I used a book called: The Well Educated Mind (by the Same author as the Well Trained Mind). It is intended for adults, but instead we used it an a literature course and had her work through the literature selections she suggests.

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