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Even the sparrow has found a home,
And the swallow a nest for herself,
Where she may lay her young—
Even Your altars, O LORD of hosts,
My King and my God.

Psalm 84:3

I must say that today I love my home management binder.  If you have been to one of our workshops, you may have browsed through it.  My focus is always on Function, not beauty. I like things to be pretty, but do not have a natural giftedness toward this, so I was so excited with what I found yesterday on the internet.  http://www.sketchesbybethany.net/.  This very gifted Stay at Home mother uses the same Binder method I have used and loved.  Since her focus is art she made beautiful sketches for her binder covers.  I love them.  I downloaded them yesterday.  She has two versions of these, one is more vintage in design, the other more modern.  I liked the script on some and the pictures on the other, so I plopped them into my Paint program and changed them.  Yes, I was playing, not working.  The final result is brand new beautiful dividers for my Family Management Journal.

While I was on a kick, I started looking for a meal planning form that I would love.  I have used several different ones, but none ever seemed “just right.”  Yesterday I found a terrific free one from:
http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/dandelionseeds.  Scroll down her page and bit and you will see a Weekly Menu Planner.  I printed those on two sides, and put an original in a sheet protector in my binder.  Something I JUST realized is that I should save these two week meal plans.  I can reuse them!  I am not sure why it never occured to me before, but my daughter found that tidbit out on the internet and shared it with me.  Great idea!

Make your binder more interesting!

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  1. Linda Monteith

    What wonderful insights & inspirations!

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