Still a Woman in Need of a Savior

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So many times we want to be so much more than we really are. And, we expect our children to be so much better, faster and stronger, smarter and wiser than we were at their ages. I catch myself doing this all the time with my 17 year old. I know the pain that my own foolishness and sinful nature has caused and I want something better for her. I want her sheltered from the negative consequences of sinful behavior…but frequently I fail to stand up under the standards myself! Hopefully rather than seeing me as a hypocrite, she will see me as a mom who is still in need of a Savior. Once, for always, but also for every moment of every day.

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  1. Hi Malia! I just found you on the web one day and I just wanted to say thanks. I am also a mother of 4 (three girls and a boy). Our oldest daughter just turned 15, our twin daughters are 14 and our son is 11. I appreciated your statement that you frequently fail to live up to your own standard. I have found myself falling far short of what I hope to be. My kids understand that we are all battling satan in our quest to follow Christ. We often pray for each other and support each other in our pursuit of Christ. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for admitting that you’re not “perfect”. ~Alisha

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